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  • I am pleased to be able to offer this letter of recommendation on behalf of Rafael Santos and his company, My Simple Techs. Rafael has been providing our firm with IT Services for the past eight years. Over that period, we have always found Rafael to be professional, reliable and express a true concern for the issues that matter most to keeping our business operational. He also has resources in specialized fields that he can utilize to provide us with a single source solution to our IT needs. I gladly welcome the opportunity to endorse Rafael for the quality and caring he puts into his work.
    Vishnu S
    President , CPA, CFE
  • One year ago, I had a big issue with my internal network, I don’t know maybe a virus or something else, but it was impossible to work. We are an MRI company and it’s very important for us to be able to give to our patients a very high service. We keep the record for 5 years and we have several back up, but this day, it was impossible to get any information’s. I called Rafael Santos, a good friend of mine gave me his number and he told me “don’t hesitate, he is the guy you are looking for”. I am working for a long time with IT guy, one doesn’t know anything and the other one cost you a fortune. He came right away, he spent 2 hours, resolved my problem. His invoice was really correct. Since this time, my network is still running perfectly and I gave his name to a minimum of 5 people. Rafael is always reliable and a nice person. I hope this letter will help him in his project.
    Patrick L.
    President , MRI of Boca, Boca Raton, FL
  • Please know that Rafael Santos of My Simple Techs has been our I.T guy for some time now and I find him very easy to work with.  Not being a technical person myself, he repairs my PC problems with great ease and is always willing and able to take care of any problem that presents itself.  He also has a great deal patience to explain things that will make my work day flow smoother.  Rafael Santos stays abreast of new technology coming onto the market place.  My Simple Techs’s prices are competitive and of great value.  I would highly recommend Mr. Santos and his company for all of your I.T needs.
    Darlene V. CAM
    General Manager, King Cole Condominiums
  • It is with great pleasure that I offer my recommendation to you on behalf of Rafael Santos. Mr. Santos has conducted himself with integrity, humility and an attitude of service, dedication and loyalty to those whom he serves. Mr. Rafael Santos has worked in the capacity of computer repairs and in any other areas where he could assist at The Revival Faith Center Ministries, Inc. for over 7 years. During this time, I have found him to be a self-starter who is highly motivated, ambitious and goal-oriented. He is very resourceful and committed, and can be depended on to get the job done. Mr. Santos is effective in facilitating communications with co-workers and others. He is easy to work with and a cooperative and supportive team player, who work well with others. His leadership, and organizational skills, along with her genuine concern for the people, would be an asset to your organization.
    Apostle Janie L.
    Dillard Founder & Overseer
  • We have worked with My Simple Techs on several projects.  We have found him to be very attentive to all our requests and extreme knowledgeable in his field of expertise.  He has performed several tasks for us, wiring up our field offices, security camera installations, he has installed our video conferencing from the field office to our main office and with clients all over the country.  We strongly recommend My Simple Techs for any and all I.T related solutions.  If you are looking for a good I.T solutions tech company that will perform all the tasks you require at a reasonable rate, My Simple Techs would be our recommendation.
    Abe V.
    Project Manager, Commercial Developer
  • Finding a Technician like Rafael Santos who can fix whatever issue you're facing quickly and correctly can be difficult, but When I called his company (My Simple Techs) last week to come to the restaurant to fix a very complicated issue I had with my POS and Internet provider and Security Cameras made the decision simple. Rafael Santos was friendly, courteous and very professional. He's my tech person to call from now on. Thank you my friend and keep up the outstanding work.
    Osmar N
    Founder/President, GoGo Fresh Foods
  • My name is David Browne. I wanted to write this letter in order to showcase the professionalism of Rafael Santos of My SimpleTechs. I was referred to Rafael by a Comcast tech who spoke very highly of him. I decided to call and from the first time we spoke I was impressed with the attitude and level of experience Rafael had. He always did what he said he would do. That is a very rare quality in South Florida. He was very persistent in following up and was always extremely polite on the phone. When Rafael showed up at my house he had everything we had discussed. How many times do people show up at your house with half of the stuff they are supposed to have? He was efficient with his time and solved the issues I had been having for years. Totally impressed with My SimpleTechs and would and will use Rafael again!.
    David B.
    President, Commercial Real Estate Broker
  • I wanted to write you this letter to thank you and your team at My Simple Techs for the outstanding support and response time in dealing with our latest network issue.  I was thoroughly impressed with your team’s response time and also willingness to work late into the evening and over the weekend to ensure that our systems were up and running.  We look forward to having you handle any and all networking and computer needs that we may encounter in the near future.
    Gregg P.
    American Recruiting & Consulting Group President
  • We at Allergy Free Labs recommend Rafael Santos with My Simple Techs as a wonderful technician.  Rafael came to our office and took care of all our network and wiring issues.  We had just moved into our new office location and found out that the phone/internet company we signed up with was not going to take care of all the wiring inside our office.  I was referred to Rafael by another vendor and was very happy with the service he provided.  Rafael is responsible, punctual and a quick worker.  His rates are very reasonable and competitive.  Rafael took extra time to explain everything that he was doing and recommended services that would help grow our company.  Rafael always makes it point to take your phone call and if he is not available, he calls you back within 10-15 minutes. We could not be more pleased with My Simple Techs’s skills and work ethics.
    Melissa W
    Boca Raton
  • Rafael Santos in my professional opinion is the essence of the definition of professionalism and reliability. Rafael Santos, unlike other computer assistance professional does not take on accounts that he cannot adequately handle personally. With his knowledge and various certifications when under a tough moment he won't give up until the system is working properly, which for me this is a proof of confidence that I need.
    Andrea F
    Licensed Florida Realtor
  • I would like to thank Rafael Santos for the very excellent job he performed on setting up and explaining everything when I purchased a new wireless computer and printer and was in need of assistance. Rafael came to my home and in a very professional manner set-up all equipment and took time to explain each item to me as he worked. I have worked on computers for many years and I found a person that really cares about his job quality and about pleasing his client. I would totally recommend Rafael to all of my friends and family because he is a dependable, reasonable, caring technician and responds promptly to his calls. THANK YOU RAFAEL! Everything works fine.
    Margaret P
    Coconut Creek, FL
  • This letter of recommendation is to let you know of the wonderful experience I had when I did business with Mr. Santos. I called his company when I was referred by Comcast Cable to him. I explained my situation and he quickly identified the problem and began working, he was not finished until late that evening and I was very appreciative because my business depended on the service he did for me. I would definitely recommend him for any tech job big or small.
    Julie M.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • What a relief it is to know that our family has such a knowledgeable, reliable "tech support" service here in South Florida! Rafael was initially recommended to me from a Comcast service man that could not do what I needed. He installed a Wi-Fi booster midway through our house so the signal could actually be reached throughout all the rooms. We live in an old house with thick walls. Rafael climbed all through our attic with tiny access areas and installed it, no problem.  I would definitely recommend him for a household or commercial tech job. He prides himself on his professionalism and taking care of the customer. As I started out saying, that is a welcome relief to us!
    Caroline C.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • As far as his rates are concerned, he was extremely reasonable and I am very grateful being a Senior Citizen. I felt completely safe while he was in my condo working diligently as he was providing me with the solutions that I needed.
    Dolores F.
    Sunrise, FL
  • On a professional level, we find Rafael Santos to be very efficient, reliable, hardworking and courteous.  During the seven (7) years that his company has provided services to us, we have been very pleased and impressed with his knowledge of technology.  He is also fair minded and considerate.  With both his professional and personal attributes, Rafael Santos comes to you with our highest recommendation.  The knowledge and skills that he possesses will be a great asset to your organization.
    Dr. Zahid Qureshi, M.D
    Lighthouse Pointe, FL
  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rafael Santos for the past two years. During this time, he’s displayed professionalism, punctuality and honesty. He is always willing to go above and beyond to assist us both professionally and personally. He is an asset to any organization.
    Carrie K.
    Coral Springs, FL
  • “I've known him and relied upon him to help me with my computers, which are crucial to my business, I have never had occasion to regret using his services or to feel that his work was in any way less than exemplary. I bless the day I met him and am very proud and pleased to be able to If you should have any questions, please feel free to give me a call. I offered to write this letter for him because I was so pleased by his work. He has helped me a lot and I'm sure he can help you, too!
    Dr. Hepsharat Amadi, M.D
    Coral Springs, FL
  • Simple Tech has been servicing us for over 4 years. They are reliable professionals who express true concerns in keeping our business operational.
  • Simple Techs have conducted themselves with integrity and humility. They possess attitude of services and are dedicated and loyal to those whom they serve.
  • Simple Techs stays abreast of new technology coming onto the marketplace. Simple Techs prices are competitive and of great value.
    Miami Beach
    King Cole Condominiums